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Write and keep newsletters in your WordPress blog.


This plugin allows you to write and keep archives of your newsletter posts in your own WordPress site, regardles of where the newsletter is hosted.

There are some advantages to this approach:

  • You have a copy of your content on your site, no matter what might happen to any external providerin the future;
  • You can integrate your newsletter content into your WordPress site, where it can appear in searches, archive listings and in generated lists, for example with the Query Loop block. It becomes trivial to have “Latest Newsletters” page or section on a front page;

The main disadvantages are a duplication of effort, and an extra step in publishing on the newsletter service.

Example workflow

This is an example of how the plugin can be used.

  1. Write your newsletter in the WordPress interface, using the writing tools you’re used to;
  2. Upload the pictures you need and include them in the text;
  3. Add categories, tags, excerpt and featured image, for use on your WordPress site;
  4. Once you’re satisfied, open the preview and copy the text to the clipboard;
  5. Open your newsletter provider, and paste the title, excerpt and text into their editing interface;
  6. Publish your newsletter and send your post to your subscribers;
  7. Publish on WordPress.

If you schedule posts with your newsletter provider, schedule them a few minutes later on your WordPress site.

If your newsletter provider is a WordPress plugin, you can still use this plugin for the block editor.


The settings page only has a few options.

  • Which of the taxonomies on the site do you want to apply to the newsletter post type (multiple sections are possible);
  • Whether to include newsletters in taxonomy searches;
  • Whether to include newsletters on author pages, if enabled.



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