Really Simple WordPress Plugins

These are plugins I’ve written primarily for my own use, but many might be of general interest. Some have been submitted to the official plugin registry.

Most are made as a result of either a specific need on one of my sites, or as a reaction to more common ‘official’ plugins getting overly complicated or too nagging.

I’ve grown up in the Unix world, so I do small plugins that do one thing, rather than doing a few plugins that tries to do many things.

Most of the plugins on this site therefore require the RS Base Plugin to be installed first. That is the shared framework the others are built on. That is what keeps most of these plugins simple.

Plugins in the official registry

  • Backlinks Taxonomy

    Backlinks Taxonomy

    The purpose of this plugin is to help internal link building, to aid usability of the site and search engine optimisation. It keeps track of all internal links between posts using taxonomies.

  • PlanetPlanet – RSS feed aggregator

    PlanetPlanet – RSS feed aggregator

    Setting up an RSS feed aggregator site on WordPress is easy with the PlanetPlanet plugin – just install the plugin, and add the RSS feeds

Other general purpose plugins

Many of these plugins are built on the framework plugins below, and with not work without them.

  • ActivityPub Auto Mention

    Automatically mention selected Fediverse profiles on all posts

  • Issues Taxonomy

    Issues Taxonomy

    An editorial taxonomy for helping editors keep track of issues

  • Mail Sender

    Change the sender of out-going emails to the admin email address.

  • RS Bibliography

    A really simple bibliography system with references stored in a taxonomy.

  • RS Dashboard Widgets

    RS Dashboard Widgets

    Updates and creates dashboard widgets for custom post types, and creates a unified search interface across all post types.

  • RS Duplicate Post

    Simple plugin to duplicate posts.

  • RS Header & Footer

    RS Header & Footer

    Really Simple plugin to insert headers, footers and Google Analytics tags.

  • RS Link Checker

    RS Link Checker

    A simple to use link checker that doesn’t nag continuously.

  • RS Post Archive

    Archive posts without removing or un-publishing them.

  • RS Redirect 404

    Try to avoid unnecessary 404 errors

  • RS Scratchpad

    Create a private post type for drafting, jotting, brainstorming — without having to decide immediately which post type it should be.

  • RS Social Media

    Create a post type for automatic re-sharing on social media.

  • RS Updater

    Allow automatic updating of plugins from

  • RS Word Count

    Count words in posts and display them in a sortable column on the list of posts.

Framework plugins