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RS Dashboard Widgets

Updates and creates dashboard widgets for custom post types, and creates a unified search interface across all post types.


This plugin does four things related to custom post types on the WordPress dashboard.

Custom post types in the standard widgets

Firstly, it adds selected post types to the three standard WordPress widgets At-a-Glance, Quick Draft and Activity. Which post types are selected on the settings page.

Custom widgets for all post types

Secondly, it creates a new status widget for selected custom post types, which shows an overall status for the post type (total number of posts, number published, scheduled, and drafts), and lists of upcoming scheduled posts, recently published posts, recent drafts and the oldest drafts, each with a word count.

Unified search across all post types

Thirdly, it implements a unified search interface across all the defined public post types on the site.

A dashboard widget gives access to quick search across all post types, and a link at the top of the menu to the left of the admin interface presents a list of all post of all types in a single view, with various filters and search options.

Unified RSS feed

Lastly, it can include selected custom post types in the main RSS/Atom feed of the site.

Site Health in the At-a-Glance widget

If there are issues or warning from the Site Health page, a line is added to the At-a-Glance widget with the number and severity of the issues/warnings.


On the settings page there are three lists of post types.

  1. One for selecting the post types to add to the standard WordPress widgets, and;
  2. one for selecting the post types for which to create a new status widget;
  3. one for selecting the post types for the unified search;
  4. one for selecting which post types to include in the main RSS/Atom feed.


Since 1.0

  • Unified search — Use extra columns from the posts list for added functionality (hackish)
  • Unified search — look for matches in footnotes too
  • Unified search — added filter on post status
  • Unified search — hide the match column if not needed
  • Unified search — added links to post type specific tables
  • RSS feed – Added control of included post types, selectable in the settings.
  • Unified search — show matching text in result list
  • Added Unified Search across post types
  • Added the settings page


  • First home use version.


This plugin requires the RS Base Plugin to work: Download stable version 1.14.11.


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