Try to avoid unnecessary 404 errors


This plugin intercepts 404 errors and tries to find a solution.

It will keep track of changes to the slugs of both posts and taxonomy terms, and redirect the old names to the new automatically.

Optionally, it can also search for posts or terms with slugs which are sufficiently similar, using the Levenshtein algorithm.

If image sizes have changed, or if some sizes are missing, the plugin redirects the requests for missing images to an image size no smaller.

A link checker — like RS Link Checker — can detect and register the redirects and offer to fix them.


The settings page has two parts:

  1. A blacklist of path prefixes;
  2. Whether to use Levenshtein searches and maximum distance to accept;



  • First published version.


This plugin requires the RS Base Plugin to work: Download stable version 1.14.11.