Allow automatic updating of plugins from a private plugin repository running the WordPress Plugin Site plugin.


This plugin integrates a private plugin repository into the standard WordPress procedure for installing and updating plugins.

The private plugin repository must use the WordPress Plugin Site plugin.

Plugins in the private repository can be searched for by slug. It is rather simplistic, but it works.

Plugins can be installed and activated directly from the search results.

Plugins can be updated from the WordPress Updates page, or from the plugins list.

It is possible to enable automatic updates of the plugins.


First install the RS Base Plugin, activate it, then this plugin.

In WordPress 6.5 or later this plugin cannot be activated unless the base plugin is installed and active.

The URL of the back-end site can be set on the settings page.



  • First published version.


This plugin requires the RS Base Plugin to work: Download stable version 1.14.11.