An editorial taxonomy for helping editors keep track of issues


This plugin creates a new taxonomy, which is only available on the back-end. Intended usage is to keep track of editorial issues on the back-end, using a taxonomy which doesn’t show on the frontend.

When editing a post the Issues taxonomy is there like any other taxonomy, and issues can be added simply by typing them, just as with normal tags.

Issues can also be editing using ‘Quick edit’ just like normal tags.

A dashboard widget shows a summary of how many posts have which issues.

The admin post list pages can be filtered on issues.

The taxonomy

The taxonomy, which is named issue, is registered as non-public.

However, under WP-CLI it is marked public, so the normal CLI commands can be used on the taxonomy.


There’s a settings page for selection which post types the taxonomy should apply to.

Only post types registered as public are listed on the settings page.

The list is run through the filter issues_taxonomy_post_types allowing other plugins to add post types to the list, even if they’re not public.


The plugin can be installed as any other plugin.


Changes since version 1.0

  • Delayed registration of taxonomy to allow others to register post types first
  • Added a Settings page for post type selection
  • Percent columns on dashboard widget
  • Localisation of dashboard widget
  • Various bug-fixes


  • First published version.



This plugin requires the RS Base Plugin to work: Download stable version 1.14.11.


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