Helper plugin for multiple custom post types

Custom post types are a rather neat way of keeping different kinds of content organised. It also makes it harder to find your stuff, which is now divided in different parts of the WordPress admin interface.

The standard widgets for the WordPress dashboard don’t show other post types, but they do have hooks to add content.

So I made a small plugin to do that.

I added additional widgets for each additional post type, so it’s easy to see what’s scheduled, what’s published and which drafts are lying around, for each post type separately.

Finally, the WordPress admin interface doesn’t have a search system that works across different post type, so I made that too. That function has a small widget of it’s own.

Some of it looks like this on the dashboard.

Really Simple Dashboard Widgets screenshot

I’m not much of a designer, I know.

The plugin RS Dashboard Widgets and it requires a framework plugin to work, the RS Base Plugin.

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